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Tokyo Gov(1)105634

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Types of real estate transactions

  • General trade

  • Application:Civil Code Real Estate Brokerage Act

  • Private sale transaction

  • Application:Civil Code Real Estate Brokerage Act

  • Auction

  • Application:Civil Code Civil Execution Act

What is Real Estate Auction?

The Real Estate Auction is an organization that you can purchase real estate through the courthouse.
If the person who has taken out a mortgage on the property is unable to pay back the debt, the courthouse seizes the property and auction the property to cover the unpaid debt. This is the organization that everyone(creditor, debtor, government, buyer ) helps each other to save the property.

Types of Real Estate Auction

Secured Real Property Auction
「Case number・・・・2019(ケ)0000」

This is the procedure to execute the security interest. The code of case number is (ケ).

Compulsory Auction Case
「Case number・・・・2019(ヌ)0000」

This is the procedure to execute the decision from the trial. The code of case number is (ヌ).

The merit of Real Estate Auction

Many people might think Auction is fishy or it needs expert knowledge.
On the other hand, we have received many customer testimonials about the price.
We listed the merits of a Real Estate Auction.

Merit Of Auction

  • ● Lower than the market price
  • ● You can set up the bid price
  • ● No tax required to purchase the property
  • ● The courthouse can control the rights.
  • ● There is no trouble in the transfer of ownership
  • ● For any purpose of purchasing (resident, investment, rent, etc.)
  • ● Bank loan can be used
  • ● You receive the whole amount of money when you lose the bid.

The flow of Real Estate Auction

  • Publication date

  • Interview

  • Auction support contract

  • Property inspection

  • Report(inspection・expected price)

  • Bid

  • Bid opening

  • Order of permission of sale

Inspection and Report on the property are the most important. We will support you to win the bid at a reasonable price for you. Although the total price depends on the size and condition of the property, usually the total cost is 「Bid price 」+「Registration license tax」+「Support fee」+「renovation fee」+「Compensation for eviction」+「etc.」

  • Sale permission decision date

  • Payment

  • Cancellation of possessor

  • Property inspection

  • Apply for Delivery Order

  • Execution statement grant application・Proof of process

  • Apply for execution

  • Notification date

  • Deposit

Once we received the Permission of Sale and completed the payment, then usually the property rights are yours. However, compulsory execution can make you cost more time and money. We will support you and the current possessor until the very end.